Emergency Plumber in Melbourne

Do you urgently require the services of an emergency plumber in Melbourne? Whether the hot water service needs replacing or there’s a serious pipe leak, Sunshine Central Plumbing are on call 24/7 to assist you with your commercial , industrial and domestic plumbing needs. For emergencies call (03) 9311 0366.

Emergency Plumber in Melbourne

Fire Services

Is your fire service equipment due for maintenance? We can maintain your hydrants, boosters, pipes and valves so that you are prepared in the event of a fire issue. Learn more ››

Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Are the taps in the bathroom or other facilities running too hot? Our emergency plumber in Melbourne can perform thermostatic mixing valve testing and can also source parts for replacement if required. Learn more ››

Preventative Maintenance

Are you concerned about the condition of the pipes? When was the last time an emergency plumber was called to your property in Melbourne to rectify a fault? When in doubt, ask Sunshine Central Plumbing to check it out. We can inspect the plumbing at your property and determine the best course of action so that you can make informed decisions about pipe and drain maintenance. Learn more ››

Melbourne Sunshine Plumbing Service and Maintenance

Burst Pipe Repair Melbourne

Backflow Prevention

The main water supply is at risk of contamination when there are no backflow devices fitted or maintained correctly. If you are concerned about contaminated water flowing back into the main supply, you should call our emergency plumber in Melbourne immediately. Learn more››

Hot Water Maintenance and Replacement

Are you suddenly taking cold showers and not able to get hot water to clean the dishes? Have you checked the pilot light of your hot water service? Our

emergency plumber in Melbourne can troubleshoot over the phone and can also perform a site visit and inspection to determine options for rectification or replacement. Learn more ››

Gas Leaks and Appliance Repairs/Replacements

Do you detect a gas leak by the meter, an appliance or pipeline? Has the gas oven stopped working? We can attend the site quickly to investigate potential gas leaks and appliance-related issues. Learn more ››

Hot Water Maintenance and Service

Roof and Spout Plumbing to Prevent Leaks

Roof and Spouting

Roof leaks need to be treated as quickly as possible to mitigate damage to the ceiling, the carpet and other surfaces. Also, mould left untreated over time will grow and cause more problems. At Sunshine Central Plumbing we understand that you need a quick response to all urgent roof and spouting matters. Get in touch with our emergency plumber in Melbourne today. Learn more ››

Cleaning Blocked Drains with High Pressure Water Jets

Having trouble flushing the toilets? Whether it’s a backed-up pipe or clogged drain, we have purpose-built equipment that can clear plumbing systems. Learn more ››

Burst Pipes (Electronic Leak Detection)

Do you need to locate a submerged pipeline in a hurry? We have access to electronic equipment that can detect burst pipes for fast repairs. Learn more ››

Preventative Roof and Spout Plumbing

Call our Emergency Plumber in Melbourne

Get in touch with our team at Sunshine Central Plumbing today for urgent, efficient plumbing services. Call us on (03) 9311 0366(03) 9311 0366