Commercial Plumbing in Melbourne

Sunshine Central Plumbing are one of the leading commercial plumbing companies in Melbourne who supply a wide range of services in the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have the equipment, the know-how, and the team to get the job done efficiently, on budget, and after we leave we even clean up after ourselves – which comes for free on every job! So, take a look at our list of plumbing services below. If there is something that you need done that we have not listed, feel free to give us a call and our commercial and industrial plumbers can talk you through whatever you need.

Our Services Include:

Our fire service replacement, repairs, and compliance testing services can be scaled to meet your specific business needs. We can upgrade your existing fire services to comply with new regulations. Learn More.

Modern building maintenance involves testing thermostatic mixing valves to ensure that tap water does not scald or injure anyone using the bathroom and en-suites as well as hand-wash facilities in aged care buildings and kindergartens. Our team of industrial plumbers is accredited to perform testing and auditing of these devices once every 12 months as set out in statutory law and regulations.Learn More.


Preventative Maintenance

Our team of commercial plumbers offer routine inspections and can provide condition reports to help you manage your commercial plumbing facilities. By identifying potential issues and taking care of your equipment – i.e. roof, gutters, down pipe flashing, and so on – you can prevent breakdowns and other faults that may be more difficult to rectify in the future. Learn More.

Backflow devices help to keep the main water supply clean by stopping contaminated water from rushing back into the source. Our team of industrial plumbers are accredited to carry out yearly testing and auditing your premises as legislated in statutory regulations. Learn more.

Whether it is a heavy duty continuous flow system or something more centralised, we have the experience and the network to facilitate your hot water maintenance needs. Learn More.

Commercial plumbing for gas installation and repairs includes everything from leak diagnostics to the rectification and fitting of gas appliances such as heaters and barbeques. Learn More.

Our commercial plumbers are on-hand to assist with a range of roof and spouting tasks such as gutter and downpipe repairs and inspections, including replacements. Learn More.

Commercial Roof and Spouting

Commercial Plumbing Melbourne

We can source all your plumbing fixtures from bathtubs to faucets and sink accessories. Learn More.

Cleaning Blocked Drains with High Pressure Water Jets

We have the equipment to unblock drains, be it with high pressure water jets, or our everyday sewer machine. CCTV footage is also available, which can assist in rectifying the problem with minimal fuss. Learn More.

Burst Pipes (Electronic Leak Detection)

Access to modern commercial plumbing technologies allows us to use electronic leak detection as an effective means to identify pipe issues. Rather than waste time manually testing and digging to find damaged pipelines, we can provide an efficient repair. Learn More.

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